Eni and RenOils to promote reusing oils for biofuel

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Eni has announced that it has signed a deal with RenOils to collaborate on promoting the recovery of used vegetable oils. The new deal also includes information and environmental education campaigns in order to outline the benefits of reusing oil to produce fuel as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Already using approximately 50% of the used cooking oil available in Italy, Eni plans to extend its capacity to produce high-quality biofuel from this waste. The energy company will use its bio-refinery in Venice, at Porto Marghera and soon after, its plant in Gela.

Eni’s press release states that its chief refining and marketing officer Giuseppe Ricci and RenOils president, Ennio Fano have signed a letter of intent. The letter states that both companies intend to inform and educate on how to produce biofuels with reused oil as well as the organisation of awareness-raising projects for trade associations and consumer and environmental associations.  

Eni state that the aim of the deal is to increase collection and proper disposal as it says that used oils from households are currently wasted. In 2018 almost 75,000 tonnes of waste food oil were collected, almost entirely from the food service and industrial sectors, representing 25% of oil produced in Italy. This amasses to around 280,000 tonnes of oil waste per year, states Eni.

As part of the deal, RenOils intends to make an efficient contribution to the Italian system for recycling used oil and to boost collection.

Eni has expressed that this new deal represents one of its many initiatives that demonstrate the company’s commitment to creating ‘virtuous’ models and promoting a circular economy. Turning the reused oil into biofuels will mean that they are purified and regenerated and eventually converted into alternative fuels to be used in Italian industrial facilities.