New recycling facility to be opened by Green Energy Biofuel

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According to the Aiken Standard a 36,000 square foot recycling facility is to be built by Green Energy Biofuel in Warrenville, Illinois. The plant is expected to provide more than 40 new jobs over the next five years and is scheduled to be up and running by December 2018.

Green Energy Biofuels refines and recycles used cooking oil as well as other food products that are sourced from kitchens and food manufactures. Founder and CEO Joe Renwick told the Aiken Standard that “The sky is the limit with this new plant, and we are excited to bring a sustainable industry to the Aiken area.”

The company opened in 2008 and was previously called Midlands Biofuels. It began with only two employees and was based in South Carolina. It now provides a service to over 1,000 restaurants, schools and recycling centres in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

County council chairman of Aiken, Gary Bunker has called the facility “a welcome addition to Aiken County’s industrial base” that will also contribute to the “continued diversification of our local economy.”