Indonesia prove biodiesel will not affect vehicle engines

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Wilmar International has said that the implementation of the biodiesel programme in Indonesia has proven that there should be no concern that the use of biodiesel will affect vehicle engines.  

After concerns were raised by Malaysian hauliers and automotive manufacturers on the implementation of the biodiesel programme in Malaysia, Wilmar International’s country head in Indonesia, Darwin Indigo, has said that they have been carrying out the biodiesel programme for four years without any adverse effects to vehicle engines.

Indigo shared Indonesia’s information to the Malaysian Primary Industries Ministry, saying that it was “really possible and good” for Malaysia to implement its B10 (blend of 10% palm methyl ester and 90% diesel) programme for the transport sector.

Indonesia is the biggest producer or palm oil in the world and introduced its B10 biodiesel programme in 2014. This was followed by the B15 programme in April 2015 and the B20 programme in early 2016.