Susan van Dyk

Biofuels and Sustainable Aviation Fuels Expert, SVD Consulting
Susan van Dyk is an expert in the field of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) and biofuels with 15 years experience. As a consultant, she helps companies, governments and international organisations to develop and implement sustainable biofuel solutions. Susan’s expertise includes an in-depth understanding of the technologies for SAF production, their potential and challenges, and research and commercialisation trends. She is also experienced in feedstocks and pretreatment processes, co-processing of biobased feedstocks in petroleum refineries, refinery integration, policy, and sustainability. She is the author and co-author of numerous influential reports focusing on the application of biofuels and SAF in transportation sectors. These reports were commissioned by organisations such as the International Energy Agency Bioenergy Task 39, the International Renewable Energy Agency, Natural Resources Canada, and Transport Canada. She has also published many highly-cited academic papers. She has worked on several SAF projects funded by Boeing, Suncor, Noram Engineering, the Parkland refinery and other companies, and she acts as a reviewer for the US Department of Energy. Susan holds a Doctorate in Biochemistry and a Master's degree in law. She works as a consultant and is also a Research Associate at the University of British Columbia.