Volume 8, Issue 1
Published: January 16, 2014
Biofuels International wishes you all a happy New Year and presents a selection of submissions from global producers to get you thinking about the year ahead.... [Read more]
How a Japanese concept is aiding one ethanol producer in Sweden   One of the oldest ethanol facilities in Europe is still thriving despite the ongoing uncertainty within the continent on first generation... [Read more]
Full stomachs or full tanks? This is still the debate keeping the European biofuels industry in regulatory limbo   Lithuania, as the incumbent leader of the EU Council of Ministers presidency, presented... [Read more]
There have been happenings in Israel and Brazil which such give confidence to Europe’s renewable fuel industry In the last issue   I spoke about how some have seemed to have lost the essence... [Read more]
As Europe is locked in multiple debates about the best way to hit renewable energy targets by 2020, a new report from sustainable energy consultancy E4tech, commissioned by a group of international vehicle... [Read more]
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed to reduce the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) late last year for 2014 from the previous requirement of 18.1 billion gallons to a level set to 15.2 billion.... [Read more]
As it aims to complete the project by the middle of this year, James Barrett finds out about the ‘world’s first’ industrial wood-to-renewable diesel facility being built in Finland  ... [Read more]
Over the past month in the ethanol market, the German T2 ethanol prices have been on steady decline. Prices have dropped by nearly €40/ cbm since mid-November as both demand has dropped off and the... [Read more]
A look at the research being conducted on searching for robust industrial yeast strains for cellulosic ethanol production   It has been known for a while that economically viable production of bioethanol... [Read more]
One company claims a biobutanol boom could be just a year away as it continues expanding its research   Green Biologics (GB), a UKbased technology developer and emerging bio-based C4 chemicals producer,... [Read more]
Most investors who have experienced the development of a greenfield project in the agro-industry, be it a sugar plant, an ethanol plant or any other facility in this sector, knows perfectly well that the... [Read more]