Volume 7, Issue 6
Published: October 21, 2013
The vote at the European Parliament concerning proposed changes to the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and the Fuel Quality Directive (FQD) was taken mid-September. The use of cropbased biofuels for land... [Read more]
A new study conducted by Air Improvement Resource, consultancy (S&T) Squared and the University of Illinois Chicago concluded in much lower indirect land use change (ILUC) values for biodiesel and... [Read more]
European biodiesel producers have re-raised concerns about the delay of anti-subsidy decisions on overseas imports   A decision by the European Commission to further delay its definitive anti-subsidy... [Read more]
Comments from trade sources, corroborated by data from the federal government, shows ongoing growth in US biodiesel production, with the output rate expected to remain strong through the end of 2013. The... [Read more]
As Indonesia moves to reduce the amount of fuel imported into the country, another country in South East Asia is looking to increase its biodiesel blend mandate   A new regulation issued in Indonesia... [Read more]
Despite reaching capacity early on, the Diamond Green Diesel facility in the US is still making improvements to ensure a bountiful future   Diamond Green Diesel, a joint venture between Valero Energy... [Read more]
In early October over 600 people gathered in the quiet Italian countryside to witness the official opening of the world’s first advanced biofuels facility. The plant, located in Crescentino, has... [Read more]
Figures released by the US Environmental Loss of tax credits, battling fraud and lacking ethanol’s longevity – despite all this, biodiesel seems to be becoming the US renewable fuel industry’s... [Read more]
The UK’s biggest bioethanol facility opened this summer. James Barrett caught up with Vivergo’s Rick Taylor to get the inside scoop   When the £350 million (€416 million) Vivergo... [Read more]
One biodiesel supplier in the US has been hitting the right notes and reached a landmark in terms of production this year, but what does the future hold?   In September US rock musician Neil Young... [Read more]
A research team in the UAE believes algae-to-biofuels is possible and is working in the harsh desert terrain of Abu Dhabi to try and prove it   Algae-to-biofuels programmes have been battered by unfulfilled... [Read more]
A fresh look at cultivating and growing algae for biofuels production is coming out from a Swiss-based research and development company   With global warming at the centre of global politics, new... [Read more]
See how two men came together to begin a project aimed at producing biofuels from algae and how they ended up building a whole town   The glowing green tanks on the second floor of the Goshen College... [Read more]
A look at two distillation options available for the biofuels process   Distillation is the most important first generation thermal separation process in use worldwide. Distillation separates components... [Read more]
A collaboration in the US has been aiming to achieve direct renewable fuels conversion from various different feedstocks via IH2 technology   Three years ago two US-based companies, the Gas Technology... [Read more]
What new steps are being looked at to unlock key sugars from lignocellulosic waste for the biofuels industry?   The unsustainability of food crops as feedstock for biofuels and renewable chemicals... [Read more]
A bioethanol project in the Córdoba province of Argentina has been subject to a design and build project not centred on the norm   Belgium-based De Smet Engineers and Contractors (DSEC) is... [Read more]
Take a look at the process adopted by two companies separated over 7,000 miles to bring the largest bioethanol facility online in Argentina   When bioethanol producer Promaìz planned to construct... [Read more]
ASB Biodiesel CEO Anthony Dixon reveals his thoughts and aspirations as the first biodiesel plant opens in Hong Kong   ASB Biodiesel is aiming to start producing biodiesel at its Hong Kong-based processing... [Read more]
From a global perspective, the commercial introduction of biodiesel has proven to be a great success story. Thanks to mandates and targets being implemented in regions all over the world, both consumption... [Read more]
Large-scale fuel production from biomass can be limited by logistics, but one solution is offered by de-central pre-conversion and large-scale fuel synthesis   A patented process named bioliq has... [Read more]