Volume 4, Issue 8
Published: October 11, 2010
The European Commission has begun investigating the possible illegal entry of US biodiesel from Singapore and Canada to the EU, following a complaint lodged by the European Biodiesel Board (EBB) in June.... [Read more]
Singapore may be Asia’s petrochemicals hub, but the same cannot be said for renewable fuels. The government does not offer any subsidies for biofuels, nor does it mandate that a certain amount are blended... [Read more]
Biofuel production in southeast Asia has experienced a sudden drop in 2010. High palm oil prices and government failure in several countries to ensure biofuel consumption mandates are met have caused many... [Read more]
The Government of Thailand is committed to developing the country’s biofuels infrastructure and production capacity to serve both the domestic and export markets. Through price mechanism support for... [Read more]
Renewable diesel uses renewable feedstocks, similarly to biodiesel, yet it is produced through traditional fractional distillation rather than transesterification. This means it can use existing infrastructure... [Read more]
The Brazilian ethanol market had been predicted to face a deficit in 2010/11, notwithstanding a large surgarcane crop, as result of strong demand growth and severely reduced stock levels. In reality demand... [Read more]
The Netherlandsbased BioMCN officially opened its biomethanol production plant in June. The plant has a capacity of 250 million litres of biomethanol, of which most is used for the production of bio-MTBE.... [Read more]
In June Danish industrial enzymes producer Novozymes and Lignol Energy, a company in the cellulosic ethanol sector, signed an R&D agreement to make biofuel from wood chips and other forestry residues.... [Read more]
The Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels (RSB) is an international initiative coordinated by the Energy Center at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, that brings together farmers, companies, non-governmental... [Read more]
During the process of ethanol transportation and storage harmful vapours are created as the ethanol evaporates. Approximately 0.1kg/m3 of ethanol is lost between transportation from the factory to the... [Read more]
For more than 100 years, China and Asian nations have grown seaweed also known as macro-algae at a large industrial scale for the production of food, animal feed, pharmaceutical remedies, and cosmetic... [Read more]