Volume 3, Issue 4
Published: May 22, 2009
A key talking point in May was the concerns regarding the EPA’s long awaited proposed rules for the Renewable Fuels Standard 2 (RFS2), which, if implemented, could mean that some biofuels are treated... [Read more]
By publishing the Renewable Energy Progress Report, the Commission fulfils its reporting obligations under the current biofuels Directive (2003/30/EC) and the Directive on renewable electricity (2001/77/EC).1... [Read more]
The Obama administration has now released the likely conditions that renewable fuels must meet in order to qualify as part of the mandate established by the Energy Security and Independence Act (EISA)... [Read more]
For nearly six years Inbicon, a recent spin-off from Dong Energy, has been testing, perfecting, and patenting its biomass conversion process at its pilot plant in Denmark, and the company is now bringing... [Read more]
Twelve months ago biofuels producers in western Europe were bemoaning the hysterical food versus fuels debate that painted their industry as the cause of world hunger and frantically lobbying the EU for... [Read more]
The fi rst quarter of 2009 was not kind to the European biodiesel industry. The region has seen plants shutting down or severely curtailing production blaming the continued low price for crude oil and... [Read more]
‘Iceberg right ahead!’ is one of the most widely-recognised phrases in twentiethcentury maritime history, claiming one of the most well-known victims of its day. At 175 feet high, the RMS Titanic was... [Read more]
A diverse range of gasification techniques are available, using a wide variety of biomass resources including dried wood chips, wood residues, chicken manure, agricultural residues or other wastes as gasifiers.... [Read more]
Transesterification is not a one way reaction. FAME can be tranesterified with glycerol to make triglyceride and methanol, but in order to make the reaction proceed in the direction most producers want... [Read more]