Volume 2, Issue 1
Published: March 1, 2008
Following on from the publication of the proposed Renewable Energy Directive, eBIO discusses the remaining shortfalls in the legislation, and the action needed to overcome these ... [Read more]
How will the new US legislation affect the market? ... [Read more]
Now the Renewable Fuel Standard has been introduced, a considerable amount of new infrastructure is needed to supply and distribute the extra biodiesel ... [Read more]
Approval of the Energy Bill in December gave a marked lift to renewable energy programmes and the prospects for bioethanol and biodiesel in the US ... [Read more]
Biofuels International speaks to one of the worlds oldest and largest ethanol producers about where it sees the future of the industry heading ... [Read more]
Ambitious biofuel construction programmes are underway worldwide. Though some plans have been put on hold due to volatile feedstock and energy prices, there is still a degree of optimism among international... [Read more]
With escalating demand and limited land availability, biodiesel producers are hungrily looking at new, unexplored feedstock options ... [Read more]
Shortages of soyabeans, rapeseed and palm are driving interest and investment in algae ... [Read more]
In the rush to meet environmental targets on emissions biofuel development has surged, but profits are elusive. Is it time to look more closely at the petrochemical industry's methods? ... [Read more]
Global markets have unique requirements. These demand multiple products, which can be produced from numerous feedstocks. All of which can be found in new generation biodiesel refineries ... [Read more]
In common with the processing and distribution of hydrocarbon fuels, biodiesel and bioethanol use the same groups of equipment. This does not mean it is directly interchangeable - there are several material... [Read more]
Biofuels are widely perceived as an environmental asset capable of cleaning up vehicle emissions overnight. But in reality, first generation biofuels may cause as many problems as they solve ... [Read more]