Volume 1, Issue 5
Published: November 1, 2007
All eyes are on ethanol due to the rise in political popularity of biofuels, but inconsistencies in customs legislation are putting the sustainable future of European biofuels and the whole European ethanol... [Read more]
The EU has set itself some goals: biofuels must account for 5.75% of all transport fuels by 2010 and 10% in 2020. ... [Read more]
In March this year the European Council agreed that by 2020 10% (by energy content) of all road transport fuels should be renewable. ... [Read more]
It is well known by even newcomers to the industry that the biofuels infrastructure that governments in Europe and even the US are now trying to establish has been around for decades in parts of South... [Read more]
When examining the biofuels market in South America, places such as Brazil are always discussed, closely followed by Colombia and Argentina. ... [Read more]
Planning a new biofuel plant can be a minefield. Most governments and local municipalities welcome the introduction of biofuels, given the environmental benefits of a net zero carbon fuel. ... [Read more]
The production of fuel ethanol from grains has been developing rapidly in recent years in the Americas and this trend is now spreading to Europe and further east. ... [Read more]
Use of biofuels has grown significantly in recent years, based on political structures that have created market opportunity for entrepreneurial traders and those with strategic positions to capitalise... [Read more]
The most common and economical method of converting vegetable, animal or waste oil into biodiesel is transesterification. ... [Read more]
In 2006, venture capital and private equity investors injected $2.3 billion (â?¬1.6 billion) into biofuels operations, and biofuels IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) raised $3.1 billion worldwide. ... [Read more]
Brazil is the leader in Latin American biofuels and has created an integrated government-agriculture-petrol model that is spawning new government and market initiatives from Argentina, Colombia, central... [Read more]
For the second year running, the Biodiesel- Expo was held in October in the north of the UK. ... [Read more]