Volume 1, Issue 4
Published: September 1, 2007
The European Bioethanol Fuel Association (eBIO) compares which feedstocks will be most prominent in the biofuels market in years to come ... [Read more]
Biofuels have received a whole raft of bad press in recent months - but is any of it deserved? ... [Read more]
Northern Europe is renowned for its beer, whereas southern Europe is better known for its wine. But both vineyards and barley fields alike are now attracting the attention of biofuels producers throughout... [Read more]
German-based Petrotec is one of the leading biodiesel producers in Europe, and stands out with its ability to handle difficult-to-process raw materials. These include those with a high fatty acid content... [Read more]
Earlier this year a contaminated batch of fuel in the UK wreaked havoc on thousands of engines, causing many cars to break down. Unsurprisingly, consumers were less than pleased by the damage caused to... [Read more]
It is well known that ethanol blends can present a plethora of technical challenges to engine operation because ethanol differs from petroleum in some key properties. This leads to unique challenges -... [Read more]
When producing ethanol from grain a byproduct is left behind, stillage. ... [Read more]
Fuels and fuel additives manufactured or imported in the US are subjected to strict regulations set out by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Biodiesel is the only alternative fuel to be legally... [Read more]
The cost of global economic expansion since the west's industrial revolution in the late 18th and early 19th centuries can be measured quite simply in terms of the increased level of greenhouse gas... [Read more]
The period from 2005 until now has experienced unprecedented growth in global biodiesel demand, production, and production capacity. ... [Read more]
Biofuel research is as old as the hills. Back in Roman times people sought to determine the effectiveness of different blends of olive oil for lighting lamps as well as food preparation. Today researchers... [Read more]