Coffee waste biofuel plant in South Africa expects 2019 construction

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South African recycling company Verda Waste is to build a plant that will process coffee waste into biofuel. The plant will be located in Johannesburg and is expected to be built in 2019.

The company intends to lead the industrialising process of converting waste coffee grounds into biofuels. It proposes to do so by recycling 17million kilogrammes/year of spent coffee grounds into 1.8million litres/year of biodiesel as well as 4.5million kilogrammes/year of biomass fire logs and pellets.

Verda Waste reports that the demand of coffee is so high, that large amounts of residues are created in the industry that are toxic and could cause severe environmental problems.

The plant is set to recycle around 70,000 tonnes of coffee waste that if not used, would have ended up in South African landfills over the next 5 years. This would lead to a saving of 476,000 tonnes in carbon emissions.

CEO of Verda Waste, Fischer Khambule has said that “Not only is this plant good for the environment, but it will also provide jobs for the youth and more than 100 small business opportunities will be created.”