Targray expands and opens EU biodiesel trading desk

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International marketer and distributor of biodiesel fuel Targray has announced the opening of its EU biodiesel trading desk in Geneva, Switzerland.

The company states that this is part of a broader investment plan that aims to meet demand for low-carbon fuels in the EU. The Geneva trading desk is being opened in hopes that it will leverage off Targray’s global franchise and in-house expertise to create differentiated value for biodiesel consumers in Europe.

Targray’s EU biofuels business is to be led by biodiesel trader Vincent Cariou, who has worked for almost 10 years at agricultural commodities company Cargill. Carious joined Targray in 2019.

President and CEO of Targray Andrew Richardson said, “Vincent has been intimately involved with the EU Biofuels market for many years and understands how to create sustainable value for customers.”

Richardson added, "We are excited to add his experience, insight, and energy to our growing European biodiesel team."