New Californian project to produce bioethanol

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Energy systems developer Greenbelt Resources Corporation (Greenbelt) announced that it is commencing the first phase of the “California Bioethanol Project”, a three-phased initiative to convert one of its facilities into a bioethanol refinery.

According to a press release, the biorefinery will have an estimated production capacity of 1.37 million pounds of protein concentrate and 75,000 gallons per year of bioethanol.

Greenbelt claims that the investment will total $3.25 million (€2.86 million).

“The demands of the extraction industry for bioethanol, particularly in California, are now undeniable,” says Darren Eng, Greenbelt CEO.

“Greenbelt has become a preferred premium source because our proprietary ECOsystem model is founded on a community-scale concept that’s even more environmentally friendly than organic. We transform unintended food waste from local businesses, such as breweries and wineries, and produce bioproducts, such as amino acid rich protein concentrates to be sold to local animal producers and bioethanol to be sold to the local cannabis industry for use in extraction.”

It is estimated that the facility will begin generating sales eight weeks after the completion of the first phase of the initiative.

The second phase will introduce a second production system and the third will expand the production capacity of the first phase as well as reducing the cost of production per gallon.

Total capacity of the facility after all three phases are complete is estimated to be 200,000 gallons per year.