Neste launch sustainable travel website

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Renewable diesel producer Neste has announced its new site, Zerobnb. The Finnish company has presented the site as a place where people from across the world are able to list sustainable alternatives for holiday lodging.  

Neste’s Zerobnb site displays sustainable housing for travel accommodation by private owners. Launched on 24 October, International Day of Climate Action, the website is similar to globally recognised accommodation sharing site, Airbnb.  The only difference between the two sites is that Zerobnb only offers housing that is sustainable.

Director of Marketing at Neste, Sirpa Tuomi says “The demand for more sustainable travel is growing, but when you are not an expert, it can be very demanding to evaluate whether a certain accommodation is sustainable or not.” With the launch of Zerobnb, Neste are hoping to “gently provoke” Airbnb into adding what it deems to be an important category for the website.

Neste plan to keep the website live until Airbnb create a sustainable housing category of their own.