Biofuels International 2018: Q&A session with the European Waste to Advanced Biofuels Association’s Angel Alvarez Alberdi

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Angel Alvarez Alberdi, Secretary General of the European Waste to Advanced Biofuels Association (EWABA) will be at the Biofuels International Conference discussing the renewable energy directive (REDII). Angel’s slot at the conference is titled, The Renewable Energy Directive: Providing clarity on the 2020-2030 regulatory frameworks, from waste-based biofuels perspective.

The Biofuels International Conference, a world leading biofuels event, will be held for the first time in Berlin, Germany, on the 10th and 11th of October 2018. The conference will cover the whole biofuels supply chain, showcase engaging talks by industry experts and will also provide attendees with fantastic networking opportunities.

Major names in the industry including ePure, Shell, GoodFuels and Neste will be attending the conference. 

Speaker Angel Alvarez Alberdi has answered a few questions in the lead up to the event.


1. What will be your main points of discussion at the conference?

 I’ll present the content of the REDII deal putting a special emphasis on i) the provisions relevant for the waste biodiesel industry, and ii) the provisions that are yet to be decided, as the REDII leaves a lot of questions open. Further implementing legislation will need to be passed at both the EU and national level and the industry at large needs to be aware of what and when is to be enacted to continue pushing for the best possible legislative outcomes.


2. How do you think the Renewable Energy Directive’s new framework for waste-based biofuels for 2020-2030 will affect the industry?

Well, the industry only exists because of the public support. The REDII establishes how alternative fuels are to be supported by Member States so the fate of the industry at large lies at the REDII (and its further implementation by Commission and Member States).


3. What would other members of the EWABA like to see as part of REDII? Are there other regulations that you feel should be implemented or perhaps scrapped?

[I would] scrap the soft caps for the uses of feedstocks in Part B of annex IX [and I would] implement a more targeted approach to the promotion of alternative fuels in aviation.


4. Some people in the industry have expressed that the revised Renewable Energy Directive in the EU has not gone far enough, do you agree with this?

Targets could have been more ambitious and promotion mechanisms bolder. But the final deal is a massive compromise amongst numerous parties, often with conflicting interest, so it’s normal that everybody is somewhat not satisfied with the final deal.


5. What will be people be taking away from your talk at the conference?

Key insights on the functioning of the REDII and a clear idea of further lobbying actions at EU and national level to improve the promotion of waste-based biofuels.