Lanzatech looks to AI to further the sustainable bioeconomy

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LanzaTech will license TeselaGen’s cloud-based informatics solution to incorporate artificial intelligence capabilities into its design process. It’s hoped that the newly announced collaboration will extend waste-to-fuel specialists LanzaTech’s biological design platform, in turn accelerating the design process.

"Automated biological design is an essential foundation for our carbon recycling technology and TeselaGen has a reliable platform for modern industrial DNA design and cloning," said Michael Koepke director of Synthetic Biology, LanzaTech.

"The modular private-cloud approach will work well with our current systems and will accelerate our discovery efforts for sustainable chemicals production. This collaboration will emphasise not only our current capabilities but will advance analytic approaches dictated by our datasets, moving us closer to a carbon smart future."

LanzaTech’s process involves using its patented microbes to convert carbon rich wastes into renewable fuels and chemical products, through gas fermentation. According to the company, the process can be applied to municipal waste, as wells wastes and residues from the steel, manufacturing, oil refining and chemical production industries.

“TeselaGen is building a platform that utilises advanced analytics to automate and optimize protocol generation and information flow for biomanufacturing. Biotechnology is essentially an information technology; improving the flow, handling and interpretation of information is a tremendous accelerant for biotech product development,” said Michael Fero, CEO of TeselaGreen.

“LanzaTech has been a valuable partner during the development of our Design module, and we are now ideally positioned to close the loop with the Build and Test modules which are so important for the collection of well-curated data for advanced analytics and deep learning. Bio-based product development at a fraction of the traditional cost is the goal. LanzaTech is doing great work to build better "carbon smart" industrial processes and products and we are very happy to be a part of accelerating that effort."