Denmark announces plans for new advanced biofuels’ transportation target

Denmark has announced plans to set a 0.9% advanced biofuels blending mandate by 2020 for use in transportation as part of its aim to promote “green power”.

The announcement was made by the Danish Minister for Business and Growth for Energy, Utilities and Climate and is part of a broader proposal covering a range of energy issues.

In a statement, the Danish government said: “The government wants to underpin a Danish production of advanced biofuels by way of establishing a blending requirement of 0.9% advanced biofuels in the energy content for transport.”

According to the Danish government, the requirement will be made to all suppliers of transport fuels, including gasoline, diesel and gas, and will be met with all kinds of advanced biofuels.

The development in Denmark follows earlier, similar agreements in Italy. Advanced biofuels will have to make up 0.6% of all types of petrol and diesel used to power cars and trucks in Italy by 2018.

Commenting on Denmark’s biofuels target, Sebastian Søderberg, vice president of Denmark-based biotechnology company Novozymes, said: “This is a positive step to further increase Denmark’s use of sustainable biofuels instead of fossil fuels.

“Denmark already blends 5% bioethanol in its gasoline and will now also add ethanol from waste. Blending mandates like this are critical to further cut CO2 emissions from transport.”