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Biofuels International Conference & Expo - Berlin - 10-11 October 2018 - Listen, learn and network
Co-hosted events:
International Biomass Congress & Expo - Berlin - 10-11 October 2018 - Bringing biomass markets closer International Biogas Congress & Expo - Berlin - 10-11 October 2018 - Innovations in biogas

Now in its 11th year, the acclaimed Biofuels International Conference and Expo will be taking place in Germany for the first time.

With regulations and markets constantly evolving, it’s becoming increasingly important to stay informed on this ever-changing landscape.

Not only will attendees benefit from the fantastic networking opportunities available but they will hear two-days of engaging talks from industry experts and discover the trends that will shape their biofuels plans for the near future.

Brought to you by Biofuels International, the leading international industry publication, this year’s conference will be co-located with the International Biogas Congress & Expo as well as the International Biomass Congress & Expo, heralding this series of bio events as our largest gathering yet of bio related companies, giving participants unrivalled coverage.

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Draft Agenda - subject to change


DAY ONE: 10th October 2018

Session One

  • Outlining regulations and proposals under RED
  • Reviewing the Renewable Energy Directive post-2020
  • How can the market prepare for RED II?
  • Decarbonising transport: regulatory update

Session Two - Focus on Biofuels on the move

  • Competing for market share: with electric vehicles vying for headline space, how can the biofuels sector stay ahead of the game?
  • Latest developments in marine biofuels
  • Biofuels in aviation: latest developments
  • The future role of Biofuels in transport

DAY TWO: 11th October 2018

  • Emerging opportunities in the bioethanol sector
  • Emerging opportunities in the biodiesel sector
  • Case study: Learning from international biofuels markets
  • Biofuels pricing & market outlook
  • Emissions requirements: reviewing challenges with biofuels classification and certification.
  • Outlining investors risks and expectations in the current biofuels market
  • Outlining limitations on utilising different feedstocks
  • Disruptive technologies: How to create a more efficient and cost-effective biofuels sector



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