Cellerate-produced cellulosic ethanol receives EPA certification for RINs

Quad County Corn Processors (QCCP), Galva, Iowa, has received EPA certification to generate D3 Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) for cellulosic ethanol produced using Cellerate process technology.

Delayne Johnson, CEO, QCCP, says the move will prevent the biofuels industry from arguing a lack of D3 RINS are present to justify Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) volume obligation requirements.

A renewable fuel must meet a 60% threshold for lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) if it is to qualify as cellulosic biofuel.

Cellerate technology is designed to increase an ethanol plant's production by enabling the corn kernel fibre to be converted into cellulosic ethanol.

In 2014, production of cellulosic ethanol is expected to reach one million gallons, with this figure doubling in 2015.